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  Welcome from the HPER Chair

Welcome to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department (HPER) at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff.  The department strives for excellence and committed to your success as you progress through your education. 

There are two different programs that the department offers.  First the department offers Physical Education and Health, Teaching Option, instructs individuals for a Teacher’s License for the State of Arkansas for grades Kindergarten to 12th.  It will also include a Coaching Endorsement.  The department also offers a Physical Education and Health, Wellness Option.  This program focuses on Recreation in which individuals could become Personal Trainers, Sports Directors at Recreation Centers, and other fields in the Recreation and Fitness Industry.  Finally, the department offers Coaching Endorsement to individuals who are earning a Teaching License in another discipline.

Thank you for your view of the website.  If you want to contact any of the HPER Faculty or Staff, please do.  Please use the links under Faculty/Staff.


Todd W. Garner

Dr. Todd W.Garner, HPER Chair


Office Phone:    (870) 575-8656

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The mission of the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is to provide nationally accredited degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The department seeks to provide competent, professional personnel at the undergraduate and graduate level for employment as physical educators, health educators, coaches, and recreation providers in public, private, volunteer, governmental agencies, and health care organizations.

The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation has energized the program and retooled the courses.  The program has created alliances with American Council on Exercise (ACE), Arkansas Department of Game and Wildlife, Human Kinetic Coach Education Program, and American Red Cross.  The department has also developed relationships with the US Parks System and Arkansas Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Delta Nature Center - Archery Instruction

The department offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science Degree:

Health and Physical Education, K-12 Teaching Option with Coaching Endorsement

Health and Physical Education, Wellness Option (non-teaching)


RECREATION MINOR (non-teaching)

WELLNESS MINOR (non-teaching)

Physical Education and Coaching Endorsement (Teaching)

Note: Students enrolled in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Degree program cannot select it as a minor. However students are not prohibited from taking any of the courses as general electives or from taking courses beyond the 120 hours required in their discipline of choice, if approved by their academic advisor.  

Physical Education and Coaching Endorsement which is associated with individuals who want to have teacher license endorsement in physical education and coaching.

Students must hold a Secondary Certification in Physical Education or hold, or be eligible to hold the standard five-year certificate or meet the coaching certification requirements established by the Arkansas Department of Education.

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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Todd Garner

HPER Chair


Phone: (870) 575-8656 

Mr. Latraia Jones



Phone:  (870) 575-8654 

Ms. Betty Hayes-Anthony



Phone:  (870) 575-8661 

Ms. Denika Smith,

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (870) 575-7974 

Dr. William Torrence 

Associate Professor


Phone: (870) 575-8697

Mr. Jose Hernandez

Instructor/Recruiter/Tech Specialist


Phone:  (870) 575-8668

Ms. Lucretia Williams



Phone:  (870) 575-8671

Ms. Akeshia Robinson,

Swimming Pool Coordinator


Phone: (870) 575-8662

Dr. Felicia Taylor-Waller

Temporary Assistant Professor


Phone: (870) 575-8655

Mr. James E. Johnson 

Temporary Instructor


Phone:  (870) 575-8678

Ms. Carolyn Nance

Administrative Assistant


Phone: (870) 575-7184

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Courses and Book List

Course descriptions for the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department are found at the following link.  The descriptions will explain the course.  

HPER Courses

You will also find the Book Required List for the courses.

Spring 2015 Book List

Fall 2015 Book List

Text Book Publishers

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