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Analogy Central

 Consequences of pH Change in Fish  (.Doc download)
     One way to visualize what is happening to fish when pH changes (from V2N5MAY2014)

 Guarding the Door of Biosecurity   (.Doc download)
     A look at biosecurity, beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria (from V3N1JAN2015)

 The Alkalinity Sponge   (.Doc download)
     The role of alkalinity in water pH (from V3N9OCT2015)

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Classroom Experiments 

Not yet constructed


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Curricula on the Web 

 Previous Links replaced by PDF of educational links - faf / 13sep17

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More Reading Resources 

 • An Overview of Aquaponic Systems: Hydroponic Components ( 

 • Calculating the Amount of Ammonia and Biofilter Media for an Aquaponic Unit Appendix 4 from FAO technical paper 589 

 • Catfish Farmer’s Handbook Basic information new farmers need to know to get through their first production season with minimum problems. 
   From Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service. 

 • Recirculation Guidelines for High School Teachers An outline of water quality parameters for a classroom RAS 

 • Recirculation Guidelines Checklist A short version of the previous reference 

 • Repairing and Upgrading Older Classroom Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (
   Repair and upgrade guide for RAS - FSA-9621 (PDF)

 • Small-scale Aquaponic Food Production (FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper 589) Every detail of aquaponics is covered here 

 • Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) publications ( This link will take you to factsheets on most aspects of aquaculture 

 • Tilapia Quick Fact Sheet Major parameters to help keep the classroom RAS in balance 

 • Tilapia Aquaponics Quick Fact Sheet Similar to the Tilapia Quick Fact Sheet, but with aquaponics considerations added 

 • Understanding and Maintaining Older Classroom Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (
   Repair and upgrade guide for Classroom RAS - FSA-9621 (PDF) 

 • Water Density (water properties), USGS Water Science School Explanation of water, ice, and how density changes and saves our planet 

 • Why Engineers are Critical to the Future of Sustainable Farming ( 
   An article from TechRepublic describing how farming relies upon STEM.

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Scientific Presentations

Channel Catfish Egg Development
A slide show presentation of catfish egg development at the microscopic and macroscopic level.

• Catfish Hatchery Poster
A one-page presentation of catfish egg development at the microscopic and macroscopic level. May be printed as a 36” x 48” poster or a single page handout.

Design and Operation of the UVI Aquaponic System
A slide show presentation in .pdf format by the team at University of the Virgin Islands who refined the aquaponics raft system and made the scientific world believe aquaponics may someday be profitable.

Water Quality
A slide show presentation in .pdf format given by Dr. James Ebeling, Research Engineer




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