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Accounting and Business Technology

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The CPA, Public Accounting            Internal/External Auditing
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Ordinary way they generally participate in public affairs, especially where their expertise may be most suitable and valuable. Public accountants generally maintain an intellectual independence and are aware of their responsibility to the public or employers in performing their [engagements and employee assignments. The services of accounting education graduates derive not only from personal knowledge and experiences, but also from personal qualities of perception, imagination, sound judging, and integrity.

Accounting education graduates provides essential information necessary for private clients and a variety of business organizations to determine and evaluate the present, and projected Financial and economic activities for business and other organizations The services provided by these graduates include financial and accounting for individuals, business entities, not-for-Profit organizations, all branches of federal, state and local government, and educational institutions. Accounting education graduates develop and apply their skills in auditing and other attestation services, teaching, taxation, management advisory services, information systems, computers and communication technology, and other areas.

Accounting education careers are open to men and women of all ethnic and social backgrounds.Accounting education graduates consistently find rewarding career opportunities among the Leading growth economic sectors and Those graduates who gain and retain the attributes of motivation, commitment to service, and effective skills in writing and communication in general will find employment security and stability. Also important are the ability to work well with other peoples from diverse cultures, to think abstractly, and to solve problems logically.. If you are very interested in a challenging and financially rewarding professional career, read on.

Our programs is designed to provide a broad general education in the humanities and sciences, including a knowledge and under-standing of topics relevant to to a variety of accounting education career options involving communications, behavioral sciences, quantitative methods, economics, and a study of computer science technology.

Perhaps you are interested in becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). You should be aware that most states, including Arkansas, require CPA candidates to obtain hours beyond the usual baccalaureate degree now. The state of Arkansas requires a total of 150 semester hours of college credits to become a candidate for the CPA certification. Although there are numerous other career options for accounting education graduates in the areas of teaching, governmental and private sector accounting, those who choose the path of becoming a CPA must adopt a personal program of perpetual learning and continuous professional growth and development. Students aspiring to become CPAs must take additional elective hours beyond the hours required for their accounting degree here at UAPB. Aspiring CPAs are advised and urged to pursue an advance degree at another Arkansas university system school while meeting the 150-hour requirement for permission to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.