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The mission of the UAPB Police and Public Safety Department is to adhere to and enforce the rules and regulations as set by the University's administration, by the City of Pine Bluff, and by the State of Arkansas; to serve and protect, and to ensure a safe environment for the University community, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to deliver quality services in a professional and ethical manner.

Security Reports

The Annual Security and Fire Report describes types of crimes, safety tips, identifies related safety programs, summary of all fires that occurred in on-campus housing for the past year, and resources in an effort to promote a safe and secure environment. This document is organized into the following various categories to provide useful information.

Crime Index Offenses JAN-DEC 2012-2014
Offenses by Violation2013
Crime Index Offenses 2010-2012
Offenses by Violation2012
Offenses by Violation & Month 2011

2014 Offenses by Violation
2013 Offenses by Violation
2012 Offenses by Violation
Fire_Summary 2015
Crime_Data 2015
CrimeData 2013

Sexual Offenders Notification Requirements
Information regarding sexual offenders is maintained and on file at the UAPB Police Department. In addition, the information is available at the Arkansas Crime Information Center at Information regarding sexual offenders is available upon request.
Fire Safety and Annual Reporting
The following Fire Safety Regulations exist for student residing on campus:
Periodic fire drills (twice per Academic Year) are performed to insure that residents know what to do in the event of a fire.  All residents must vacate the building at once using the nearest stairway exit. Residents do not return to the building until campus police has investigated the situation then given the all clear signal.
In addition, throughout the academic year, bi-monthly Health and Safety Inspections are conducted per room in each residence hall. Information is disseminated to residents through residential handbook, “Guide to University Living, residential hall meetings and programs within each residence hall.
Emergency Contact: (870) 575-8102
24-Hour Service Requests

Mr. Maxcie Thomas III
Chief of Police
(870) 575-7029