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Parking and Driving Violations

Parking in designated spaces $50.00
Permits, illegal use of, reproducing, alteration of, defacing, using revoked permits 50.00
Falsifying registration information 50.00
Failure to report involvement in an accident 20.00
Reckless operation 75.00
Exceeding speed limit 75.00
Driving and/or parking on grass 25.00
Unauthorized parking - Reserved Disabled Space 100.00
Failure to stop at a 'Stop' sign 30.00
Officer's signal disregarded 50.00
Signal disobeyed, loud music 60.00
Wrong direction on a one-way street 30.00
Unsafe backing 10.00
Failure to yield to pedestrian or vehicle 25.00
Driving on sidewalk 25.00
Failure to signal 10.00
Parking in unauthorized zone
Parking along painted (red) curb 50.00
Parking in reserved areas 35.00
Parking over curb or sidewalk 15.00
No permit 35.00
Double Parking 15.00
Parking where prohibited 15.00
Improper turn (U-turns where prohibited, turns from wrong lanes, areas posted "No Turns," etc.) 15.00
Parking in crosswalk 15.00
Blocking driveway 20.00
Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
Open door into traffic - failure to yield 15.00
Improper display of decal 10.00
Parking more than one foot from the curb 10.00
Parking facing the wrong direction 15.00
Driver's view obstructed 20.00
Immobilizing of vehicle for violations 35.00
Unauthorized removal of immobilizer 60.00
Change designated space 10.00
Muffler use, improper or excessive 20.00
Parking, disregarding painted lines (yellow) 5.00
Failure to remove expired permits from window 2.00
Disregard of barricades 20.00
Administrative Charge 20.00
Fictitious decal or obtaining stolen decal 50.00
Littering - 1st offense
Littering - 2nd offense
Failure to use seat belts 25.00
Playing loud music from a vehicle 25.00

1. The use of a fictitious decal or obtaining a stolen decal will be the fee outlined above plus limited privilege to drive on campus.
2. Falsification of registration information will be the fee outlined above plus loss of privilege to drive on campus.
3. The third offense for moving violations will result in suspension of campus driving privilege at a specified time not less than six (6) months.
4. A person with three (3) more tickets in less than 12 months will be considered a habitual violator. Such person will forfeit the privilege to operate a vehicle on the campus of UAPB for not less than six (6) months.
5. The third offense for littering the campus from a parked or moving vehicle will result in suspension of campus driving privileges for a specified period of time not to be less than 12 months.

If you have any questions about the fees outlined above, please contact University Police at (870) 575-8102.