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Political Science

  1. To study the structure and functions of government.
  2. To understand political behavior and policy processes.
  3. To aid in preparing students for public service, journalism, and law.
  4. To attain practical knowledge and experience in administrative methods and techniques of state, local or national governments.
  5. To provide pre-requisites for students interested in advanced degrees in political science, law or public administration.
The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science requires a minimum of 124 hours, including the following 36 hours of core courses:
Required Courses (30 hours)
PSCI 2300 Introduction to Political Science
PSCI 2312 American National Government
PSCI 2313 State and Local Government
PSCI 3341 Constitutional Law I
PSCI 3350 Seminar in Political Theory
PSCI 3390 Public Administration
PSCI 4315 International Relations
PSCI 4316 Global Issues
PSCI 4351 Empirical Political Theory
Select one of the following:
PSCI 3321 Major Governments of Western Europe
PSCI 3322 Political Systems of the Far East
PSCI 3328 Politics of Developing Nations
PSCI 3342 Developing Black African Nations
Political Science Electives (6 hours)
(Select any two from the following:)
PSCI 2111 Law as a Career
PSCI 2309 Arkansas Government
PSCI 3324 Law School Experience
PSCI 3343 Constitutional Law II
PSCI 4331 The Presidency
PSCI 4340 American Foreign Policy
PSCI 4390 Internship in Political Science
PSCI 4391 Independent Study
SOCI 2330 Introduction to Anthropology