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School of Business and Management

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Accounting and Business Technology

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The Department of Accounting and Business Technology is one of two major units within the School of Business and Management. This department offers degrees in  Accounting for those careers in pursuing professional career in business and industry and Business Technology for pursuing careers in teacher education.

Students obtaining degrees in accounting will have acquired the knowledge and  the professional skills needed to provide information that can be use by a variety of  financial information users for use in making general business and economic decisions. Accounting graduates are serving in many industry segments providing various  quantification of financial information that is needed for assessing and measuring  the profitability and success of  the business or organization. Those graduates who excel in their academic endeavors have established an outstanding record of excelling in their chosen professional endeavors and have realized job satisfaction and good monetary rewards.
Business Technology

The teacher is among the most important professions in the world today. There is a critical  need for individual with compassion and a  love  for service to humanity. There is a critical need for more teachers in  business to provide the leadership with  compassion to assist in the guidance and training of those youth enrolled in high schools  across the country inspiring to pursue careers in a wide range of  business oriented professions. Graduates with degrees in  Business Education have acquired the expertise needed to become competent teachers of commercial classes at the secondary level all across the country. There is a critical need for more individual who  enjoy working with youth to pursue careers in teaching. The Business Education curriculum includes all courses required to meet the requirements for certification for teachers in Arkansas. Someone has stated that "A  mind is a terrible thing to waste." Become a teacher!