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There is a great deal of freedom in the construction of ponds in Arkansas. Larger ponds may require construction and operation permits to ensure that they are built and maintained strong and safe for the owner and residents down-stream. Check here to see if you need to obtain permits before starting your new pond project. 

There is a big difference between a hole in the ground that holds water and a well-designed purpose-built pond. Check here for a detailed pond construction manual and general construction guidelines appropriate for all ponds. 

Like all animals, fish need places to rest, hide, hunt and reproduce. Check here for tips on designing habitat diversity in your pond to support all the species you intend to stock.

Clean, healthy water not only looks nicer, it helps grow healthy fish. Check here for guidance on ways to test your water and soil, and some of the more common water treatment techniques you can perform to improve the productivity of your pond. 

Strong fishing ponds begin with good water chemistry and fertile water. While many Arkansas ponds are naturally fertile, you can often boost your pond's potential with a fertilization program. Check here for guidance and precautions for a successful fertilization program. 

Nothing can boost the growth and maximum size of species like bluegill and channel catfish like a regular feeding program, and it's a load of fun to watch them eat! Check here for details on when, where, what, and how much to feed.